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Dental Marketing Suggestions

Dental Marketing Suggestions
Dental Marketing Suggestions

Marketing is an essential strategy for business success. Dental practices are a business, and this applies to it also. Growing your practice means you have a minimum amount of clients you see per day. To improve this amount, and attract new customers, it is pertinent to offer a superb product, in this case, service at a competitive price, alongside other quality convenient features, all in a defining dental marketing plan.

Marketing a dental product can be quite tricky. This is more frequent when your attention is divided. The hassles of finding new patients and catering to your tested and trusted clients, while marketing, makes the marketing aspect of the business suffer priority concerns. But then, marketing is critical to increasing visitors to your business. So to combine running a smooth, productive dental business and running a successful dental marketing campaign, here are some useful points to consider.

The first step in marketing is creating a market invasion plan or strategy. This is dependent on specific factors are usually known as the SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is a structured way to determine your strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

  • Strength: you have to check for what the uniqueness of your dental practice is. What sets it apart from others? Note every possible item that can push your business above others.
  • Weaknesses: Next, look at the complaints or negative reports that have been made about your business. It is necessary to be very critical, open and non-restrictive when making this list.
  • Opportunities: After taking a look at the strength and weaknesses, it is time to look at the room that your business could exploit to boost growth. For every item or situation, list the advantages that you can gain from each.
  • Threats: what are the issues that your dental practice will have to anticipate, plan for and act against?

After these analysis to determine what level your dental practice is at, you can now choose what marketing ideas to implement.


  1. Patient Referral Bonus System: Many popular dental practices get more than 70% of new patient growth from personal patient referrals. But sometimes, patients don’t tend to see your dental practice as a growing business that needs more patients. It should be one of your essential plans to make your brand the first name they call to, and to help refer and recommend your dental practice to friends and colleagues.

To this end, offers like a referral bonus system is a significant tool in keeping your customers in touch by propagating your brand. The plan is straightforward: when a person recommends your dental practice to someone, and the person makes a visit to your office, requesting a service or a product, then there is a bonus that is due to the original referrer and can be accumulated over a time to develop into further assistance or product discount.

The advantages of this plan are double fold. First, you can maintain contact with old patients, keeping them occupied with your business marketing plans, while, endearing both new and old patients to your practice. This offline method is easy to build. You could easily use complementary or referral cards at the office or in packages. You could also send reminders to beep customers of your product offers.

  1. A proposal, unmatched by any other: just like in the SWOT analysis, it is important to know your competition entirely especially when creating strategic dental marketing campaigns. It is of no use creating superb services when they are at unreasonable prices. If your competition offers a certain service for $50, you will not gain many customers by providing same or similar service for $70. It may be tasking as much, but then, in one move, one visit, you could keep a customer for life.

For example, being always available, on call, and keeping up with appointments, maybe add other out of office bonuses. Make sure there is an offer that you have that your main rivals do not. Give the patients a reason to switch to your service.

In practice, the offer needs to start from your staff pool. The determined and dedicated staff helps you improve the status and standard of your work. When customers are treated with great care and attention, there is a considerable likelihood that they will return and be your first source of marketing stream.

  1. Engage your immediate Locality: One of the most effective primary target audience for your business is the patients you get from around. These people do not need to go online, and you can reach out to them directly. It is pertinent that your dental practice has a positive image within the community nearest to your office.

A plan that has worked before is sending out community dental newsletters. These small write-ups or tips are very useful in building community foundation and setting the basis for optimal business growth plus added community engagement. Apart from newsletters, you could also make a breakthrough in the community by attending local events like volunteer outreach programmes and other neighbourhood celebrations where you can physically reach out to people.

You need to know what events and programmes the members of the community like most. Keying into this programme gives you the ability to increase interest and get your brand out there at the best of opportunities. For some communities, things like local football, baseball or basketball games are essential to them, and making an appearance at such event, or even sponsoring such is critical in adhering locals to your business.

  1. Local Radio/Television Adverts: sometimes, it is sufficient to go back to the basics. Many communities have local or host television and radio broadcast station that promote local businesses. As a starter, you can benefit from this by making use of the right local channels. With these adverts, both visual and audio, you can break the market and draw clients to your service.
  2. Host free seminars: Another helpful tip in getting along with your community is hosting events for them. This makes them relax into listening to you and shows them that as much as you’re in it for the business, you also genuinely care about the health and wellness of people. This makes them more likely to patronise you than any other while acting as advert sources to friends and colleagues from outside.


  1. Web presence: yes, when you offer superb services, your patients become your crucial referral sources. But there is more to it after they have been referred, many are still sceptical. There is one way they tend to ease past this scepticism, and it’s by inquiring more about your offer.

With the advent of the web, this is most likely going to be their first point of call is checking the internet to see how strong your product is. When they look online, what do they see? A superb web presence is vital in building and maintaining clients.

  1. Local Facebook Ads: While you want your brand to be popular all over, it is sometimes good to specify the immediate reach as they are more likely to drop by than people from far away. Local awareness advertising reaches the local audience who could not attend a community event, or who want a bigger clarification before dropping by.
  2. Run a blog: One of the most relevant ways to put your business name out there on the internet is by opening and running a blog. A blog is an online platform where you can update information on a time by time basis with the most recent or relevant information at the top.
  3. SEO friendliness: A website or blog is ineffective if it doesn’t show appropriate information. Relevant information is linked to traffic access. And finally, traffic access is related to the number of views. How do you get these views? Google and other search engines rank blogs, blog post, and blogs based on how relevant they area to specific info. SEO content drives visitors.
  4. Engage using Social Media: Social media is a necessity in today’s emerging web society. Many social media platforms provide ways for you to interact with patients and keep them engaged with what you do. Make sure your social media contents are engaging, humorous and can contain quotes.
  5. Click on Call Ads: the main goal of dental marketing is that clients can easily book appointments or easily get to you. Making use of click to call ads especially on google helps you avoid having to make your clients pick up the phone, copy your number to dialler before calling you. Click to call ads are available on Facebook and Adwords on mobile, desktop and tablet platforms.
  6. Demographic Targeting: There could be a specific type of people that need your product or service, these people, can be reached through streamlined target marketing. For example, Facebook has a huge amount of demographic targets. You can target potential customers by language, relationship status, employment, income, and interests. Research has shown that women make most of the dental decisions, so such targets are important. One useful marketing target strategy is to make your brand logo modifiable and likeable by womenfolk.
  7. Google map presence/Ads or Waze Ads: Google map presence can lead potential customers and the public right to your doorstep. Using proper Adwords and clues while imputing your office means that your practice turns up in searches. When “dentist” or “dental practice” is entered into the search bar on google maps, it should bring out your office down to its location to 3metres of accuracy.

Apart from google maps, there are other community-based applications that you can use the Waze app. The Waze app acts as a digital bill board for those around the vicinity of your dental practice. Your business board appear on the Waze map, and then they can locate your business and save the location for easy access.

  1. Remarketing: Remarketing is a cool way to regenerate customer support. With remarketing, you can reach clients that have visited your website or practice before. For example, at your dental practice, you can collect email addresses of clients or visitors to your website (with their permission) and use Google Adwords or Facebook customer match engine to make use of such information. All you need to do is upload the email addresses and create a remarketing audience, or an ad that would draw patients to your dental practice once more. A useful reminder tip is a whitening or cleaning request.
  2. Video Advertising: Recently, there has been a boost in the use of video marketing in the healthcare industry. Few things convince would be customers more than seeing a live video of a health practice. The procedure and handling of the personnel is a personal source of comfort for the client as they are sure of the quality of service and degree of comfort that they will receive if they patronize you.
  3. Use a unique and steady logo and signature tag: As obvious as it may sound, people tend to miss this tip. Building a consistent and attractive brand is an essential step in gaining new patients. This will create brand recognition and a sense of belonging to old patients and new clients.
  4. Pay per click: pay per click (PPC): PPC advertising is a great way to maximise the outcome of your marketing plan. These adverts can be purchased and help draw traffic based on paid placement on a search engine and attracts new customers.

Why do Dentist need SEO?

Controlling where your dentist office and the individual doctors appear on the search engines and what appears about your Dental practice is paramount in the web 2.0 world. It is very easy for a couple of upset patients or even your competition to damage your business by posting derogatory information about your practice.

Our Dental SEO focuses on Two main area of concern

Moving your Dental office website up the search engines for your local searches about your medical specialty or practice

Making sure that information you want to show up about your practice appears before the information that you don’t want to see online

Our approach is proven to work and we have doctors and medical practices benefiting from our advanced SEO techniques everyday.
What Service do you get with local Dentist Office SEO?

An Internet Marketing Startegy Tailored to your practice
Advanced SEO Techniques for Dentist
Reputation Management for you and your medical staff
Submission of your expertise articles (if you have any, if you don’t we will guide you to develop them)
Assist you to Leverage all the resources available to you through your organizations and professional affiliations
Google Local Account configured and optimized (google and yahoo maps)
Bing Local setup and optimization

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