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Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development
Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development has been the prime choice of most organizations today, owing to the salient features that make it a wholesome package for any organization to succeed in business. Some of the evident advantages, while working with Full Stack resources are:

  • Systematic knowledge of front end and back end technologies, put together as a solo solution
  • An asset to any project in terms of a solo unit army, who can take care of the complete development and implementation process, be it a website, web app or mobile app
  • Broad knowledge about pertinent technologies like MEAN stack, front end, back end, UI, server infrastructure etc.
  • Capable of working out the complete development process based on client needs

It is a full-stack JavaScript framework that is made specially to make your web application development process simple, easier and quicker than ever. MEAN stands for Mongo DB, Express, Angular JS and Node JS. MEAN makes the development process effective from client side to server side. It is agile so that developers do not have to take a journey to all the technologies, jumping from one to another, during the development process. The best thing about it is that it supports the MVC architecture.

  • Understanding customer
  • GUI and user experience
  • API interaction
  • Server and hosting
  • Security and networking
  • Quality assurance
  • DBMS and RDBMS

    Major technologies that our Full Stack developers are well-versed with are:

    • Frond End
    • JavaScript, Angular JS, React JS,
    • Back End
    • js, Express.js
    • Databases
    • MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL
    • Designing
    • HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery

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